Rear View Reflections encourages self-analysis in its healthiest format at the deepest level.
As you read this book, you will see the author’s goal with turning her ‘lemons to lemonade’ continually. She challenges the reader to determine ultimately the color of lenses is their life viewed out of. The author reminds the reader that celebration should not only be when things are great! Finding the ‘gold’ in every experience is tantamount to living your best life! The reader should be able to have an inward conversation, reflecting on their life experiences. The goal is that one chooses to reflect, release and renew just how to deal with life’s unexpected.

Inspirational & Uplifting

“I have found it inspirational and uplifting. I am almost all the way thru it but I wanted to take the time to read it slow and understand it all. I felt like I was having a conversation with you with every word I read. It’s a blessing and has made me reflect on my own life. To be honest I have been using some of the words you’ve wrote and applying them to my own life and let me tell you. . . It has been a wonderful last couple of days. Thank you Savoi!”

Ashley Fowler

I Smiled, Laughed & Cried

“Savoi, wrote these one page thoughts as if she peeked into my head and pulled them out and put them down on each page in ink. I smiled, laughed and cried. Thank you, thank you and thank you, Savoi!”

Wendy Ricardo

Everyone Should Have in their Toolbox

“Savoi Rags’s book Rear View Reflections is not only an echo of her thoughts about her own life; it is something that I believe everyone should have in their toolbox. Rear View Reflections is truly introspective, and it is easy to read. The first page made me step back and reflect on my life, and each subsequent page had the same impact on me. Savoi is a gifted author, and I hope there are more books to come. Thank you for being so real.”

Vickie Wilhite

Feels Like Real Conversations

“Feels like real conversations. Wonderful little book! Great reminders and inspirations. A great and continuous pick-me-up for any woman. This would make a great gift for a girlfriend. Highly recommend! ”

Thrifty Shopper

A Special Gift on Each Page

“What a refreshing surprise. A special gift on each page. The tone and texture of the writing spoke to me on many levels and addressed my many roles in this life: mother, wife, friend, sojourner. The author has the ability to connect to what matters most. I felt a kindred spirit; a soul connection that added value to my life.”

Kim Robinson

I Could Not Put it Down

“I ordered this book about a month ago and I could not put it down. I enjoyed the information the Author, Savoi Rags shared in poems with the World regarding personal experiences. My favorite one was, “I Win”, Faith vs Fear.”

Pam Bush

Beautiful Words of Wisdom at Every Turn

“This was a very nice read that gave beautiful words of wisdom at every turn. Short and sweet, but nice to keep near by for glimpses of inspiration. I’d recommend this little gem for everyone to have on their bookshelf or handy on their desk. This was a great creation Savoi! Cheers! ”

Ebony Bukari