Savoi is truly one of the most amazing souls I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Good leaders bring out the best in others and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. This is exactly what Savoi has done for me. She has taught me so much about listening to your body, valuing yourself, work ethics and integrity. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her in any capacity will walk away a better version of themselves. Thank you for being you, Savoi!
Meagan Smith

I had the pleasure of working with Savoi and was able to learn a great deal from her example. She is a great source of inspiration and motivation to me personally because she taught me to never stop pouring my heart into my passions. She is a living embodiment of this principle. She showed no matter what, to continue to write. I keep filling up my notebook everyday following her lead because that is how we break through. That is why Savoi is successful and that is why she is a winner. She practices what she preaches and lives an authentic life. I’m lucky to know her.
Michael George

Savoi made me challenge myself and let me know that my overall health affects my behavior and mental capacity. I love your wholistic approach to life and your positive energy.
Melissa Dani Romero

Savoi impacted me in a positive way. She really helped me with words of encouragement and nuggets to keep going and not give into my fears. Operating out of fear, she reminded me that I was in control of my destiny, and when operating in fear, I am out of alignment with what I truly want to accomplish.
Brando Piggue

I’m a 57 year old woman who has experienced Savoi’s encouraging words and writings. I am learning to embrace my imperfections. This has been a struggle for me. Savoi has shared with me stories of her journaling and meditating. She encouraged me to try it. Wow! What power I experienced writing and meditating. This restores the peace and calm when I’m feeling life’s challenges. And all I have to do is comment to myself – Thank you Savoi
Sharnell Epperson

Savoi is a unique individual who possesses the rare combination of beauty, wisdom, common sense and expertise in several areas. One of the most profound examples of this is her ability to discern information, to separate the gleaming gold from the dross: Once, when visiting with her in her office, I noticed a faint scent which was emanating from a diffuser on her desk. I asked what it was and was fascinated to learn that it was an essential old blend, Thieves, which she uses to prevent all cold & flu viruses. She’s so healthy, I asked her if she thought it would help me, and so I tried it. Not only have I been cold & flu free for two years, so have my husband and several members of our families! Her willingness to share this secret prevention remedy literally changed our lives.
Teresa Lewis Watts

To say that knowing Savoi is a blessing would be an understatement. To know Savoi is to be inspired and motivated by her. She has certainly had a huge impact on my own life and I know the lives of many others through her words and example.
Jennelle Knight

Reading Savoi Rags’ book Rear View Reflections has ignited me to take a GOOD look at myself and surroundings!! I realize that I have been complacent in areas of my LIFE!! I have a new zeal when I wake up ready to deal with whatever comes my way!! Watch out I’mma coming!! God Bless and a BIG Sincere Thanks Savoi!
Christopher Stewart

Savoi has taught me that we may never be perfect in our own eyes, but we can always work towards becoming our best self.  Progress not perfection!
Cindy Grohman

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Testimonials - Savoi Ragsdale - Speaker, Author, Coach - Aurora, CO
Testimonials - Savoi Ragsdale - Speaker, Author, Coach - Aurora, CO
Testimonials - Savoi Ragsdale - Speaker, Author, Coach - Aurora, CO