Grandmother!  That’s who this beautiful soft-spoken woman is. She is Momzi’s mother.  Mattie Bernice Sartin (Feb 23, 1915 – July 5, 2002). When I was born, I looked so much like Grandmother that my nickname was Little Bernicie.  Momzi and I are not only fashionistas like her, but we all three LOVE hats.  I am actually surprised that she is not wearing a hat in this picture. Grandmother sewed and Momzi taught me as well. I come from a line of woman who took pride in their appearance from head to toe.

Grandmother was an entrepreneur.  She not only owned and operated Sha’Ne’s Beauty Bar, she also created hair products to preserve and grow your hair.   I remember my first perm in my hair.  Grandmother did it when we were on vacation in Denver.  She couldn’t get that perm out of my head quick enough, it was burning so much!  After then, I mainly kept my hair natural and if I straighten it, it was hot combed – remember ladies?  I used to love creating different hair styles.  I would change my hair style every single day.  At one time, Grandmother and I thought I might follow in her footsteps.  She and Grandpa also owned quite a few rental properties.

Some of my fondest memories of Grandmother was in the kitchen.  She was a phenomenal cook.  She cooked everything from scratch.  As soon as we would pick her up from the airport in Texas, she would want to go to the grocery store.  One of my favorites was her ox tails!  Delicious!!!  One time, while Momzi and Dad were getting their graduate degrees at Prairie View, I got my favorite treat of all – a sugar sandwich.  Anyone else know about those? Bread and sugar sandwich!  That’s all.  That’s what you might eat if you have run out of groceries.  Yum Yum Yum!!!   Grandmother, you too, are one of my angels!  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories!  I love you Grandmother and I spotlight and honor you this Mother’s day!