You’ve got to be hungry! – Les Brown

Life as we know it now exists because of numerous people dared to dream a much bigger dream.   Inventions after inventions have assisted us with the quality of life that many of us take for granted now.  What ideas have crossed your mind?  How can you contribute to the world?  Where does your passion lie?  What’s stopping you? 

Deciding to live out loud is challenging and scary.  Would you like the opposite result – not wishing one day that you had gone for it?  When you look at the next person that you admire, please be reminded that they too had to one day decide to get out of their comfort zone and go for it.  Uncomfortable is the new comfortable!  Live to be as uncomfortable as you can!  Then and only then do you know that you are continuing to grow, develop, and ultimately, soar!

No matter what that dream is for you, find your passion and pursue that with all you’ve got.   Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Take the first step.  That’s where it all begins.  It’s then and only then that you are really living your life’s purpose.  The world needs what you have to offer!  Don’t take it to your grave.  Live out loud, now!

SOAR – Stretch – Own it – Acknowledge – Rise up! – Savoi Rags

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Steve Jobs


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