“God could not be everywhere and therefore, he made mothers!” – Rudyard Kipling

Happy Mother’s Day Moms all over the world!.

This is my tribute to mothers – my acronym I have created for M.O.T.H.E.R.S.


Mothers rock!  Watching a mom navigate is like poetry in motion!   It’s simply a way of life for moms.  Even before becoming mothers, that lady was maybe not as flexible, but as soon as a baby is born, all of that changes immediately!   Mothers adjust quickly to the needs and desires of their children. They continuously juggle to take care of their loved ones.   As soon as the baby is born, the mother has to do so much and most women make it look so easy and effortless.  Even while their bodies are healing from the birth of a newborn, mothers seem to just adjust.  How do you moms pick up a baby and do all that you have to do, and you’ve just had all of those stitches?  You know?  Mothers are notorious for being master jugglers – almost simultaneously.  Mothers are truly the multi-taskers of the world!

One-of-a kind

When God made moms, He/She literally broke the mold!  Moms model so many wonderful qualities that so many of us aspire to be like our Moms in so many ways.  Such qualities are forgiveness, compassion, nurturers, problem solvers and my absolute favorite, just a loving ear.  I always told Momzi (pictured above) that one thing I loved about her, is that she was my soft place to fall – where I could just . . .be!  No conversation required, no explanation needed.  Just that good ole unconditional love, like only moms seem to be able to give!   Moms are truly one-of-a-kind!


Even when you are all caught up in your own world, mothers are always thinking of you.  From picking up the knit cap you needed in the wintertime to giving you an article about something that might interest or propel you.  Mothers live for their sons and daughters.  That’s what makes them tick . . uplifting and inspiring their children – even after they become adults.  Never thinking of themselves, mothers are very, very thoughtful.

Holds & Hugs

Affectionate – that’s how most moms are!  There’s nothing like a mother’s hug.  What about just being held by your Mom?  You can just feel the love oozing out of her.  The sincerity of how mothers care is high on the Richter scale.  To feel loved and safe by your mother is one of the most endearing feelings.  Just a hug or kiss from our mothers, make it all better . . like those knee scrapes growing up.  No matter what it is, there is nothing like a mother’s touch and love!


Don’t you just love it?  You go to any kind of game and who do you hear yelling the most from the stands? . . .The mothers!  Even if you don’t think you are the best at something, you gain your confidence by how your mother encourages you.  If she says that ‘you can do it’,. . .You believe her!!  You borrow her faith and what she sees in you.

Ride or die

The very first ‘ride or die’ person that ever existed are our mothers.  No matter the situation – good, bad or indifferent, she will not only be there, she is still that cheerleader in the stands!  Accessing how she can be of assistance or help lead, guide or direct you is what keeps her up at night.  While she is allowing you to become your own person, she is so on the sidelines ready to tag in and uplift, inspire and just simply. . . just be there for you!  Through the thick, the thin and the ugly, mothers are your ‘ride or die’ lady!


Mothers’ needs are the last thing they think about.  Their kids come first.   Unselfish, is who mothers are.  They drop plans that were made to meet your emergency.  They will give up on some of their own dreams to help you achieve yours.  For you to have the best, they sacrifice for themselves regularly.  If her children need new shoes, she’ll just wait, or not get something for herself at all.  Her kids come first!  That’s just how it is with mothers.  Mothers sacrifice so much, that many have to relearn how to take care of themselves, again – just for their  own well-being.

Just the thought of mothers just warms my heart. To not only bring life into this world, but to nurture, sacrifice and love is why the saying – there is nothing like a mother’s love rings true!  Happy Mother’s Day Moms!