Like one of my favorite Will Smith songs –  – sing “Summer Summer Summer Time!”  Outdoor concerts, parks, vacations, spending time with family.  Summer time is a fun time of year.  After hibernating for winter, it’s time to get out and enjoy!

I also love waking up hearing the birds churp, watch the trees gain their beautiful leaves again and then watering my beautiful hanging flowers I just purchased for my backyard.

Every summer growing up, my brother O and I would be at the local swimming pool.  He was the ‘fish’ in the house, hence he was a lifeguard.   Vacations were fun too!  I just enjoyed hanging with my big brother no matter what we were doing.  Summer time was special.  With Mom and Dad being educators, we were all home together.  Good QT – quality time!

No matter what you do this summer, make sure that you take time to ENJOY it!  Don’t let it just pass you by and then you  wonder, – where did the summer go?  Let’s sing it together now – “Summer Summer Summer Time!”

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