Years ago, after watching the movie Pride with Terrence Howard, I found myself creating a mantra for myself – Pride Determination Resilience aka PDR.

As we travel through this life, we find sometimes challenges and trials along the way. It really is true that it is not so much of what happens to us, it’s more of – how do you respond to it. But when whatever is happening to us, we don’t want to hear that, right?!  Life’s many lessons continue to challenge us to become more of who we were designed and meant to be.  If we can just get past the fork in the road, it will all be better.  But the truth is if we can just work through the fork in the road, we all have the opportunity to become better human beings.

I am sure that you have some PDR moments that you can think of, also.   Thankfully, we all do or we wouldn’t even still be here.  Through the thick and the thin, we survived, we persevered, and we made it!  These PDR moments shape us and mold us to who we are becoming.  We just have to persevere.  Acknowledge your PDR moments as much as you possibly can to continue to grow, to learn and to evolve in your life.  Think about it.  Do you really want to be the same person 365 days from today?  I don’t!

“I am an evolving being.  So, everyday, I am not the same person that got out of bed.  I have gained insight, I have received revelation; I have practiced something new; I have tried something new.  Each day I become more of myself!”- Dr. Michael Beckwith